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Okereke Obinna Micheal (born 22 January 1995), known professionally as Obisco, is a Nigerian musical artist, singer, entertainer, actor and songwriter.

Early Life

Obisco hails from Abia State, but spend most of his childhood in Ogun State where he attended Community High School, Idi-Ayin. Before proceeding to Moshood Abiola Polytechnic to study computer science.


Obisco started his music career when he was in secondary school. He released his debut single “Fully Loaded” in July 2012, since then he has gone to be one of the top Afrobeats performer in Nigeria.

In 2021, Obisco released his debut EP “Big Sneeze the EP“, an EP where he featured Otega and Lil Show. The EP contains four tracks which include: Eleda Mi feat. Otega, Chop Life feat. Lil Show, Surulere and Trouble are without collaboration.

Going into the future Obisco has promised to keep fans and listeners updated and entertained while he produces groundbreaking and award-winning records.

Record Label

Obisco is currently signed to Cogent Music Worldwide (CMW). Obisco dropped his record EP under the management of CMW.


  • Tolewo – Obisco ft Tiphyz (2020)
  • Big Sneeze the EP (2021)[6]
  • Eleda Mi feat. Otega – (2021)[6]
  • Chop Life feat. Lil Show – (2021)
  • Surulere – (2021)
  • Trouble – (2021)

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